Formula One Grand Prix Experience at Singapore


Formula One racing or F1, being the highest class of auto racing because of its high maintenance and budget never fails to attract enthusiasts in the world. In fact, I am an F1 fan, too, not because I drive one, but because I admire these high tech and powerful cars that by just seeing them in an auto exhibit already satisfies me. In many parts of the world, F1 racing has become a tradition that every race always transforms into a massive television event that thrills millions of global audience.

Here in Asia, Singapore is just one of the countries that fancy F1 tradition. Recently, they launched a Singapore F1 Season Video Contest - "City of the Night" that offers a whopping prize of SGD$3,000 to the lucky resident winner. Foreigners can also participate and have the chance to be a part of the F1 gathering as well, free of trip tickets and hotel accommodations. All you need to do to get involved is to create a video on why you think this season's grand prix will be one of the greatest race events ever. Check on the mechanics at Singapore F1 Events Information for you to be well geared about the contest.

And maybe I should start creating one for myself after posting this on my blog. May the best video win.

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