Singapore GEMS - Are You Being Served Blog

A friend and I had the chance to chat awhile ago while I was surfing the net in the office. I was really shocked to know that he is now in Singapore working as a business analyst. He has been there for three months now and I can tell from his reactions that he is really enjoying the work ambience there. In fact, he's inviting me for a visit there and I can stay on their place for a week vacation.

Before our conversation ended, he introduced me to a cool blog that cares mostly about the quality of customer service in Singapore. The blog is called Are You Being Served and is proudly supported by the Go the Extra Mile for Service (GEMS) movement. The blog will serve as a freedom wall to those who are open and eager enough to express their opinions ad experiences on customer service.

I was really amazed that the country supports such advocacy and I do hope this will serve as an inspiration to other countries as well. The blog is open to everyone who wishes to post comments or reactions. Now is your chance to be heard if you think you have a say on Singapore Customer Service .. Share Your Story and let the whole nation know your side.

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