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Sunday, February 1, 2015

[VIDEO] The Beautiful Province of Surigao del Sur

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Check out this short video/trailer about our recent trip to the Philippine province of Surigao del Sur. You may also check out my blog post, including a detailed itinerary here.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kawasan Falls, Terra Manna Camping, and MORE!

With Regine, Bubles, and Darby at Kawasan Falls, Badian Cebu

This blog entry was inspired by David, a solo backpacker I met in the bus while I'm on my way to Pampanga today. I asked him where's he's going and said he just want a "night" in Angeles before he heads up north to see the Banaue Rice Terraces. He's actually doing a "no-destination, just-go-wherever" travel around the Philippines. Cool!!

We'll, in case you're wondering what David and I's encounter has to do with this blog post.. I told him to check out my blog and go through some posts about my local travels as he might get ideas on where to go next or at least find helpful tips while roaming around the country. Then I realized, "Shit! I still have a lot of pending posts from my recent travels!" So, to provide him with more travel ideas and more destination choices, I started blogging as soon as I reached home! :D

TO DAVID: Hey buddy! Happy travel! Shoot me an SMS or a tweet, or an Instagram comment (@enjayneer) if you need anything- tips, Tagalog translations, whatever haha! Who knows we might bump into each other again in the future. :)

Okay, let's go back to the real essence of this post:
MY UNFORGETTABLE TRIP TO BADIAN CEBU! Just to give you a brief backgound, I am in this group called Let's Do It! Philippines. It's an NGO that advocates for a zero waste planet. I was one of the 100 regional leaders chosen to represent Pampanga. Thanks to Darby, by the way, for inviting me to join!

Let's Do It! Philippines sponsored an 2-day boot camp in Badian Cebu. We stayed in paradise errr in Terra Manna, a resort in Badian that offers tents, huts, and camping as accommodation. Guess what? It was actually a fun experience, not to mention the cool people I made friends with!

With my cool team mates during the boot camp: Clement, Reynand, and Darby

In the morning, we do meditation! This is life! Haha

On our first day, we stayed in Sugbutel, a dorm-type inn in Cebu City. For about 300 pesos, you get a small capsule enough to fit yourself in and your backpack. There's a common shower and toilet area too. Not bad.

While in Cebu City, of course, we visited (I'll never get tired of seeing these places) Sto. Nino de Cebu Church, Magellan's Cross, tried CnT Lechon for the first time, and strolled around the Osmeña area.

Magellan's cross, who is still under construction due to the 2013 earthquake

The beautiful retablo altar of Sto. Niño Church de Cebu

By afternoon, it's time to leave for Badian. We took the bus at Cebu South Station at around 3PM, and by dinner time, we're already at Terra Manna. Badian is roughly about 3-4 hours by land from Cebu City.

Sunset-watching at the shore area of Terra Manna Resort

On our last day in Badian, we went to Kawasan Falls. A stunning waterfall that boasts of clear blue waters as if you're in a swimming pool! For about 300 pesos, you can ride the raft and they'll take you inside the outer mouth of the cave where the waterfall falls. It was such a nice experience to wrap up this Cebu trip.

The beautiful crystal clear river leading to Kawasan Falls

With Clement while picking up the trash on our trek to Kawasan Falls

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Talk soon!
- Jaypee