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Keeping the Faith Strong

Typhoon Ondoy, Philippines, Tragedy, Storm, Donations to philippines
Typhoon Ondoy, Philippines, Tragedy, Storm, Donations to philippines

Phones and the internet at home have been busy the past few days after the tragic typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana that took away hundreds of lives and homeless thousands in the Philippines especially in Manila. Friends and relatives from all over still keep on calling us to offer help or at least hear updates.

A lot of good souls actually have joined their hands in helping out families who were affected by the catastrophe. I was on a newhampshire chat yesterday because of my cousin who asked me to go online to ask for details on how he can donate. Some relatives also extended their help by donating through remote charitable institutions located around the world.

We are all saddened about this tragedy and I feel so fortunate that none of us in the family were harmed. What the rest of us can do right now is to continue to pray for strength and guidance so we can get over this nature's challenge to us.
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