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Welcome to Our Kapampangan Blog - Mequeni Cabalen

Pampanga, Kapampangan Blog, Mequeni Cabalen, CapampanganKapampangan/Pampango is one of the major languages of the Philippines spoken predominantly in the province of Pampanga and in some parts of Tarlac and Bataan. As a contribution in keeping the culture alive, we are proud to announce that we have put up a Kapampangan blog - "Mequeni Cabalen!" ( My fellow blogger Julius of and I, envisioned of creating an online journal about our beautiful province along with its culture and tradition including the modern lifestyle written in the native tongue (Amanung Sisuan).

The website will be more of an online personal blog about our experiences and opinions about what is happening in the province. And since we love to travel, we will try our very best to feature the many "must-see" places in Pampanga like tourist destinations and recreational spots which will serve as a channel for our fellow Filipinos especially the Kapampangans and even foreigners to be geared up with information about the places here.

And known for a fact that Kapampangans are recognized everywhere for their delicious cuisine, we will also feature different restaurants and food hubs that we will come across as we travel.

I am actually excited on this new blog and I am expecting you can support it as well, the way you have supported and it's affiliate blogs. I hope with this blog that we created, you will be able to appreciate the beauty behind the language.
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Talk soon!
- Jaypee