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My 2010 Game Plan: One Step at a Time

I can already feel the Christmas chill but I am even more excited for the coming new year. I have listed down a little game plan for 2010 and I am hoping that I can employ it well. Actually, I started implementing the plan this month and it's been running pretty fine so far.

First was when I decided to move house for the "so-called" independence thingy. As of the moment, I am in the process of completing the household necessities like the furniture and the appliances. It feels good to me when I enter the house and I see all the fruits of my hard work, though I don't really consider myself as hardworking (laughs).

And this week, I am already set to buying my new DSLR camera so I can start doing photo shoots again, but this time using a better camera. I will blog about my new camera next week when I am no longer busy.

Next year, I am thinking of taking a bigger step ahead as I am planning of buying a new car. Not necessarily brand new but at least, a ride new to me. Hopefully I will be able to earn more for this. I was window shopping for cars online awhile ago and it really made me drool over a lot of choices. I personally like lexus because of its sleek look or something like the nissan versa or a dodge viper. This 2010 nissan cube seems cute to me.

2010 Nissan Cube Photos
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Talk soon!
- Jaypee