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Calle Restaurant and Bar Experience at The Courtyard

Calle Bar and Restaurant at The Courtyard, Balibago Angeles city, Pampanga, PaellaIf you are into bar hopping, clubbing and night-out parties, The Courtyard is the perfect place to step in along with your friends. On the recent grand launching, we decided to hop and critique the many different bars and restos all over the two-level party hub.

We went into Bicio, Exhibit3, Dixies, Hooters, Kebab Express, Sfacciato, Purple PadThai and whole lot more. Our last stop that ended the night was Calle Bar and Restaurant. The typical San Mig Light beer sells for PhP45 pesos (approx. $US1. same rate to most restos at The Courtyard) per bottle on a pay-per-order system. Their Paella which is good for three hungry stomach costs Php350 (approx. $US8), however, didn't hit much impact on our royal taste buds (laughs!) as for me, it somehow had a strong "shrimp paste-like (bagoong)" taste. Still, Paella at Instituto Cervantes on last year's Dia Del Libro was the best! But of course, we gave Calle an excuse since it's the first day of operation and I think the staff and crew were quite pressured and stressed-out that time.

My first-impression rating at Calle would be 6 out of 10. I hope you would regard this review post as a lesson to improve more and strive to offer the best service next time. By the way, you can always invite us if you want some of your specialties to be featured.

Calle's Paella
Calle Bar and Restaurant at The Courtyard, Balibago Angeles city, Pampanga, Paella
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