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Pimp My Ride! Anyone?

Pimp My Ride, CariID, Billet GrillsLast weekend we went to Marikina and had our Capiz designs electroplated. The electroplating process involved submerging the items into a solution that will make them look golden and shiny. It is also the same process in the plating of car mag wheels and grills. Actually, I thought of having my car electroplated next time when our second batch of Capiz crafts is finished.

Personalizing my car is one of my frustrations. I am a big fan of MTV's pimp my ride and I envy those lucky few who are being featured on the show. How I wish I can have mine pimped, too. If I were to be featured on the show, I would love to have a chrome finish and have some billet grills attached through it.

I'd probably be the happiest car enthusiast if I were to be picked by Pimp my Ride! MTV, if you're reading my blog, I am just an email away (laughs!) By the way, if you are interested to get your car some new accessories to make it look more macho and appealing, I suggest you invest more on car grills, wheels, rear spoilers and chrome add-ons as they are the most popular in the market today.
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Talk soon!
- Jaypee