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5-Day Adventure Trip to Brunei and Miri Malaysia

The height of luxury in Brunei is a stay at The Empire Hotel and Country Club When you haven't been to Brunei and you see its tourism tagline, Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures , it doesn't really make sense. Well, what do you know about Brunei? Grand mosques? A country rich in oil reserves? Crazy rich royal family? What else? That's just it for me. We have been planning for this trip since last year and my expectation really was just knee deep. It was during this 5-day “go with the flow” trip that my views flipped over. Bandar Seri Begawan was a big meat in my can of pork and beans. I was surprised to find out what Brunei has to offer. And since Malaysia is a merely 2-hour drive, we grabbed the opportunity to cross the border. Here are the highlights of our itinerary: BRUNEI DARUSSALAM EMPIRE HOTEL AND COUNTRY CLUB Tagged as Brunei's most prestigious beach, Empire Hotel and Country Club offers fantastic views of the ocean, lagoons, the spacious garden

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