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The Great Road Trip: Banaue - Sagada - Baguio - La Union

This year's Holy Week celebration was one of the most memorable summer vacations that I've ever had. Along with a couple of old friends and some new friends from the Up With People group, we went on the road for three days and went mountain hopping (literally!). I was able to see for the first time two tourist destinations in northern Philippines - the Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao and the Sumaging Cave of Sagada in Mountain Province.

Banaue Rice Terraces, as what I have always heard from people who have been there, is breathtaking and jaw-dropping. I just wonder how the native Ifugao tribes managed to maintain the structure of the stair-like rice fields. No wonder it was described as the eighth wonder of the world.

Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao
Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao, Philippines, Eighth 8th wonder of the WorldMy Sumaging Cave experience was also unforgettable because we went inside the cave and explored the many different rock formations naturally carved up thousands of years ago. And just near the Sumaging Cave was also one magnificent landmark that the natives of Mountain Province take pride - the Hanging Coffins of Sagada. FYI, there are only three countries in which tribes hang the coffins of their departed loved ones and ancestors as a sign of veneration and respect - China, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Mountain Province
Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Mountain Province
Sumaging Cave, Sagada
Kyle, me, Jules, Jamie's mom, Paul and Michael
Sumaging Cave, Sagada, Mountain Province, Spelunking with Up With PeopleRight after our road trip on the mountains, we went down to Long Beach Resort in La Union to wrap up our summer getaway. The road trip was fun! Thanks Jamie, Jules, Paul, Kyle, Michael and to Tita for a wonderful time!
On top of the jeepney getting ready for the Banaue Tour
Banaue Hotel, Rice Terraces, Up with People
Philippine Pali (Highest Point) - 7400 feet above sea level
Philippine Pali (Highest Point) - 7400 feet above sea level
Michael and Paul having a great time under the sun
Paul Rush, Michael Roudebush, Up With People, Long Beach Resort, Bauang, La Union
At Long Beach Resort, La Union - Jules, me, Paul, Michael
Julius Jules Mariano, Jaypee David, Paul Rush, Michael Roudebush, Up With People, Long Beach Resort, Bauang, La Union
Lunch by the beach

Here's a photo-compilation video that I made:
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