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Friday, October 7, 2011

Food Tripping: Doing the Things I Love

Sooo Pinoy Ultimate Food Blogger

Nothing identifies us Filipinos other than the food we eat, our cuisine. So on this post, I will be sharing some of my memorable food trips around the Philippines.

In case you didn’t know, there is an on-going “star search” (naks) for the first ever Soo Pinoy Ultimate Food Blogger. Soo Pinoy aims to introduce different Filipino cuisine along with the history and the best places to find these dishes. I know! This is another “Pilipinas Tara Na!” opportunity so I took this chance to join this so-called “star search” for me to get to know more about the rich Philippine culture. As a travel and food blogger (and a self-proclaimed tourism ambassador), I always make sure that I take a snapshot of every place I go to and share it on my blog so that I can help in promoting Philippines in my own little ways.

With Soo Pinoy’s campaign, discovering, exploring (and digesting, literally and figuratively) our very own Filipino cuisine made me think this is something that I should never miss in my lifetime. Honestly, for almost 2 years of travel/food blogging, I have only encountered few places where they serve great Pinoy food probably because I was raised in a Kapampangan household with good cooks so my standard for great food is way above the average hah! ;). So I hope I’d be given the chance to get a taste of the Philippines and be called the Soo Pinoy Ultimate Food Blogger.

Nuff said. :)

Panizza All Meat of Chef's Quarter in SM Megamall
Panizza All Meat, Chefs Quarter, SM Megamall
 Roka Salata with Bleu Cheese of Cyma in Greenbelt
Roka Salata with Bleu Cheese, Cyma in Greenbelt
Gratitude Restaurant in Bonifacio Global City
The best tasting Pochero (Bulalo) of Cebu served at Abuhan
Pochero Bulalo, Abuhan, Cebu
Stir fried Malayan Noble Leaf of Banana Leaf, The Block
Banana Leaf, The Block, Stir fried Malayan Noble Leaf
Chinese Food with Pinoy touch at Hap Chan, Harbour Square
Hap Chan, Harbour Square
Me and my dabarkads at Hap Chan
Hap Chan, Harbour Square
Various milk tea blends of Happy Lemon, Eastwood Mall
Happy Lemon, Eastwood Mall
Taken at Happy Lemon in Eastwood. I always invite friends for some food trip :P
Happy Lemon, Eastwood Mall
Japanese food served the Pinoy way? Red Kimono, Marquee Mall if you are in Pampanga
Red Kimono, Marquee Mall
Me and my best friend, Steff at Red Kimono
Red Kimono, Marquee Mall
My all time favorite frappes of Cafe Mesa in Clark
Cafe Mesa in Clark
When in Pampanga, Cafe Mesa is a nice place to stay to spend quality time with friends
Cafe Mesa in Clark
Caramel Apple Pie. Everybody loves Krispy Kreme, right? 
Caramel Apple Pie Doughnut, Krispy Kreme, Marquee Mall
Taken at Krispy Kreme, Marquee Mall
Krispy Kreme, Marquee Mall



behindthickframedglasses said...

I have read your food reviews, and i wonder, how in heavens name do you stay slim after eating all that food?

great reviews and photos enjayneer! keep it up! i am a fan!

Francis - Behind the Thick Framed Glasses

Wallflower said...

Ola si Wallflower to! Fan mo hahaha

Love the pochero from cebu. So tenderized that it melts in your mouth (parang m&m's). Ano raw??!!

Keep blogging dude. It's good for the mind.

Franz Lopez said...

Great Reviews! I really admire your blogs! Highly recommended!

jaypee | said...

@behindthickframedglasses.. hahaha, that made me laugh! well, it's a blessing i don't get overweight despite all these frequent food trips. :))

jaypee | said...

@Wallflower, Thanks! The pochero(bulalo) is a really must try if you're going to Cebu! It's heaven!

jaypee | said...

@Franz Lopez, thanks mate!

Ofelia D. said...

wow this is a nice campaign to promote our native dishes! good luck! :D

jaypee | said...

Thanks, Ma! :)

behindthickframedglasses said...

thats unfair jaypee! haha. but seriously, your post before covering the bulalo in cebu made my mouth water like crazy! :)

supermish said...

OMG! You're so perfect for a food blogger. You eat a lot and try almost everything yet stay so slim. Lucky youuuu! :3
True, Pinoy dishes/delicacies are the best!! :3

Itin said...

Haha I agree with Abuhan's Pochero as the best in Cebu! I can attest to that.

Zen said...

Wow.. your pictures are mouth watering.. Can I have some??
And it seems to me that you're having fun doing all those reviews!
Nice posts po kuya Enjayneer.. :)

CK Espanol said...

Hi Jaypee,

Thanks for this. I'm eyeing Red Kimono for my next food trip. Baka you have any suggestion for their must-try dishes?