ECE Review Materials for Board Exam

Sharing you these review materials that we used during our batch in preparing for the Electronics Engineering Board Exam. According to some, these were the same files that were discussed during a closed-door review of a popular review school during that time. I really can't attest to that since I enrolled at a different school (PercDC). I guess this will give you a clue on which school am I referring to since there are only few competitive ECE review centers in the vicinity of U-Belt.

At one point or another, some of the questions here showed up during our board exam. Not bad. Anyway, these only serve as references and there's nothing to lose if you review them. These will even add up to what you already know. I also suggest to read the materials during the latter part of your review process. Review these when you are already done on the "inputting" part of the review. Go to these during your refresher period and count them as bonus infos.

Goodluck! Top the board!!

"Always aim to TOP.
If you fall short, you'll still PASS..
Don't just aim to PASS, because if you fall short, you will FAIL."

For copies and queries about the files, go to this link and fill out the form:

Jaypee M. David, ECE
Holy Angel University, Class 2007