Just got the job. Just don't let the NEEDLE mess it up!

Company: Digital Telecommunications Phil. Inc.
Position: Corporate Solutions Engineer for Central
Work location: Pampanga

I went to Libis awhile ago, at the company's head office, for the job offer. But work will be here in Angeles.Though I have set my mind that I will be working abroad in the "not so" near future, (Not still sure on which, coz my brothers are in S.A. but their company's sister company is in DUBAI, where most of their engineers are at and at the same time, I wanna work in Singapore or Malaysia too. haha.) having had the opportunity to "hunt" this job is one feat. At least I get to apply and practice my profession, the telecommunications part of my broad profession.

As always, too many requirements. Plus the medical exam, my nightmare, the needle! I hope it won't happen again. The last time I applied for a job, it’s all there, everything's set, I'm about to get the job, all of a sudden, pooof!! Because I always get petrified with needles, the opportunity flew away from me. Nuts right? But this time, I will make sure history won't repeat. I hope!

I have one more problem, by the way. I don't know how to resign on my current job without me messing up on it. Because for sure, immediate resignation won't work that smoothly.
Anyway, that shouldn't be a problem. I have friends who can help me on that. Friends who are into the medicine field. Hmmm. Naughty huh? LOL