A Perfect Book for Girl Friends

girl about town, city girl's guide to life, cathay che, rachel pask, book, read, review, jaypee david, jaytographyI was strolling around the mall this afternoon and happened to pass by a bookstore. I decided to spend time and look for some books that might convince me to like reading. I'm not really a fan of books and I am not that someone who would enjoy sitting for hours just reading books. I would rather have my mouse and keyboard with me all day.

Subsequently, after some time of turning pages and scanning at a few articles, I found this book, Girl About Town. A City Girl's Guide to Life and really caught my attention because of its colorful cover. I've read it a bit and I thought it can be a wonderful gift for a girl friend who will be celebrating her birthday, so I bought it. A perfect handbook for independent women in the city that provides tips and advices on how to direct one's path to a remarkable achievement and venture.

A book by Cathay Che and Rachel Pask, this is ideal for every new chick in the metropolis to know exactly the best ways on how to take those first few steps onto the incredible fast-paced streets and finally immerse in the alluring urban way of life and stroll around as if you have been living alone like a native in the city's heart.