Be Victorious on Global Financial and Economic Crisis

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Almost every part of the world today is seriously distressed by global financial and economic crisis and it's getting uncontrollable. This problem has left the vast majority with no clue on what's in store for the economy. Companies are breaking down doing mass layoff, cutting back on recruitment and staff and some even falling over hitting a great impact on the general public. This economic deterioration as predicted by analysts is expected to last from three to four years.

Survival of the fittest is still the main defense on this economic game we are engaged in today. And if we don't know how to play this right, we might lose. How can we score on this game and eventually survive this crisis? Here are some of my personal suggestions on how to cope up and remain stable despite this dilemma:

Get along with intellectual people. Don't be too proud of yourself and think that you can construct and conceptualize things all by yourself. Yes, you may be right to think that way, but you can do things better with a great company of people and their opinion. People surrounding us greatly affect who we become and what we achieve. It may be in companionship, business colleagues and some other aspect for they will surely contribute a lot in your growth.

Stay fit and healthy. Indeed, health is wealth. Be conscious and keep track of your condition and do frequent exercises. Keep an eye on what goes into your stomach and make sure to take in only good food. With our situation today, we cannot afford to get sick and pay expensive medicine and hospital bills.

Lastly, save money. Save as much as you can. It's one of the most essential armour we must all keep in. Put this on top of your list and everything else will follow. Spend money only to the most basic things. Be smart and practical to look on the cost of the goods you purchase and as much as possible, reduce your expenses and avoid spending too much on luxuries.

These are some of the few tips that you can gear yourself with as you play the game of financial crisis in this big football field we call world. We may never know how strong the impact will hit us, but being prepared is one great shield of defense. Let's all be VICTORS on this global financial and economic crisis!