Blogging: A Way of Life

neno award, blogging, blog, weblog, internet, blogger, jaypee david, enjayneer, jaytographyWhy in the world did I engage in this cyber world of Web ritual where in you get to share your thoughts and insights on anything and everything instantly with anyone, anywhere in the world? Or more popularly known as Blog, Blogging or Web Log.

I like Photography and I love to travel. For the reason that is, I can share my passion and hobbies to the world effortlessly. With a few hits and clicks, I can blog about my shots, my journey and my experience with life. It's like I have this one-of-a-kind diary that I can access anywhere as long as I have Internet connection, of course

The best thing about blogging is it's Digital in nature; revisable and customizable, unlike the usual paper diaries wherein you need to take time in creating it and you really need the effort to cut pictures, paste them on the pages, and all the tiring and boring stuff. With weblogs, no more "ripping-off" of pages, no more messy inks and no more bad moods because of sweaty palms.