Easter: "I'm Alive because You Died and Rose Again"

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Crucify Him! Crucify Him! What if you were condemned to death without doing anything that is against any law? In other words, you're innocent, pure and free of guilt on what they're accusing you but still you have no stand to prove them wrong. You cannot do anything but to submit yourself to the authorities and let them do unlawful torture on you without taking into account your vulnerability. Let say, they let you wear crown of thorns and whip you for about hundreds of times until swollen lashes marked all over your body and your skin was ripped off. You are losing extreme amount of blood. You wanna break free only to find out that you have nowhere to run and doing so will put you to an early death.

As you wear your crown, the authorities put more of the torture and have you carry a big log almost heavier than you are and march for many miles around the public to get to your place of doom. Would you still have the strength to walk knowing you're headed towards your final destination? You were in an excruciating pain and just wish to be killed in an instant because for you, that feels better. While in your walk of death, you just realize that people around you are no longer there to support you, hence, provoking the authority to put you to death.

And now, there you are in your execution site. You see a cross, three big nails which are about 20-30 centimeters long and many soldiers keen to crucify you. How will you face your doom? Part of human nature, normally, you would question God. Why me? Why do I need to go through this? Is there a God? These are the typical questions when man is troubled.

Jesus Christ did face this with His big faith and love for our Father having only in mind our redemption. Jesus died on the cross to give man a new start, a new life. That because of His death, man was destined to be born again through spiritual birth. We were very fortunate that we were not this Someone who went through all these just to save mankind.

Let us remember that Easter, is an indication of the interminable goodness of the gift that our creator gave us which is life. Let us not forget also that Easter pertains to our timeless fate. To many of us we normally think that ones life ends when he dies. It is very unfair for us and for God to think that death is the end of life. Jesus died and rose again and we were redeemed. The understandings that embrace the life of Jesus Christ fit into the bits and pieces of our civilization. Jesus was totally human being. Because of this, we need to value the meaning of Easter as a blessed sparkle that unveils the important human complexity and fate.

I would like to share this exceptional Newboys version of the very popular Hillsong United song called You Are My King (Amazing Love). Part of the lyrics say: "I'm forgiven, because You were forsaken. I'm accepted, You were condemned. I'm alive and well, You're spirit is within me. Because You died and rose again."

Happy Easter everyone!