enJAYneer Flies to Boracay Part 1

boracay, boracay island, boracay white sand, white sand beach, jaypee david, aklan, swimming, night life at boracay, bora, tourism, philippines, cebu, philippine airlines, d talipapa, d mallI am actually in Boracay right now while I'm writing this blog. We just had our dinner so we decided to take a few walk outside and look for a bar to hang on. We happened to pass by this internet cafe near our hotel and since I can't help but blog about my vacation here that is why I decided to browse the web for an hour and to check mails as well. It's my first time to be here and I have to admit that Boracay, really is a beautiful place. I really enjoyed the island, the white sand, the bars, night parties and all. I so love life here because every night becomes a party night. I get to spend quality time with my friends, too.

We came here yesterday via Philippine Airlines. Then a one-hour trip via van from Aklan airport followed by a 15-minute boat ride to Boracay's white sand beach. The trip was fascinating because we experienced all modes of transportation from Manila to Boracay: by land, air and water.

The first day was a whole lot of fun because as soon as we arrived, we had a quick lunch then we quickly toured around the four kilometer-wide white sand beach of Boracay. Then during the night we met some other friends and hopped on a nearby bar and enjoyed the spirits of liquors. We also bought raw food at the famous "D*Talipapa" market and we've had the food cooked right then and there. Sea food is just perfect! I have always been a fan of sea foods that is why I always go crazy every meal time. Lol. Oysters and lobsters are everywhere!

After this surfing and blogging, we will head on to another bar not too far from here to have again another bonding and nice talks with friends. Too bad I don't have the PC connectivity for my camera but I will post pictures as soon as I'm home. :)