A H1N1 Casualty In Pampanga (JBL Hospital, San Fernando)

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Earlier today, I have received several awareness-dispersing text messages, all stating that there is already an influenza A (H1N1) virus casualty at Jose B. Lingad Memorial Hospital (JBL) in San Fernando, Pampanga and said that the victim is from Angeles city. All of us at home were alarmed when I told everyone about the bad news. Though it is not yet totally confirmed, we should all be aware of this as prevention always is better than cure.

Since influenza A (H1N1) as any other virus is air-borne, we must be very cautious especially when we go to public places. If necessary, wear face masks so that the air you breathe will be filtered adding up to your safety. And also, let's all make it a habit to wash our hands religiously because most of the time we unintentionally touch our mouth either by eating or mannerisms.

Should you feel any of the symptoms of this virus, immediately go to the nearest hospital and have everything screened on you so that it can be treated on its early stage.

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