The Desiderata: A Timeless Inspiration

Desiderata is a very uplifting poem written by Max Ehrman that wonderfully accentuated ways on living a happy life. Desiderata is a Latin term which means "things you desire". I remember this featured during our college graduation.

I believe that everything that we wish for is possible as long as the will is there and the determination to achieve it keeps on driving us forward. Never allow others to take control of yourself for it is in that case you start losing. In our world that is full of masked faces and forged truths, we should always choose whom we give our trust to. You hold the wheel of your life and you are the captain of your own ship; make U-turns if you desire.

One of the powerful lines explains that each and everyone of us is uniquely created and no matter what we do, there will always be persons whom we will look up to at the same time persons that will give us pride and make us feel proud about ourselves. We were created equally by God with matchless features and exceptional abilities.

Life is too short so we must spend our days on reaching for our goals and being happy with what we achieve and accomplish. We all have to live positively and appreciate the essence of the things that we have for us to live a contented and happy life.

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