Dream-Home Come True

My cousins migrated to the United States when I was still in elementary. I really miss them so much. Back when they were still with us, we used to hang around and play all day. We have not seen each other for about ten years now but we frequently communicate either by phone or through chat.

The last time we talked, he told me that they are going to move to their new house. I was really surprised about it and got curious on how their house looks like. He told me that they partnered with Schumacher Homes in building their new home. Since his dad is so meticulous when it comes to house designs, they told me they hired one of the best North Carolina Home Builders. He bragged to me that what they teamed up was a company that never made them regret in spending money for their dream home because what Schumacher established was something that they have always longed for at a reasonable cost.