Mothers' Day is Every Family's Hero's Day

Happy Mothers Day, Mothers are unsung heroesEvery family has its own unsung heroes. One of them, regarded as the light of the family, with their unconditional love and unparalleled dedication. Mother, mom, mama, mommy, ma, nanay, ina; whatever you call her, it really doesn't matter. Just a kiss or a hug from you can wash away all the stress and exhaustion from a whole day of work. She is not asking for anything in return. As for mothers, life is not about their own happiness, rather, just seeing their child grow into a beautiful person and see them enjoy life's splendor makes their life worth living. That's a mother: noble creation of God; vulnerable yet strong.

Give your mom a hug today and she will surely recharge all the energy she had shed for years of hardwork and commitment for your family.

Happy Mothers' Day!