My Painfully Motivating First Day at the Gym

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Almost everything that we eat nowadays comprises of artificial additives or preservatives and no wonder the average lifespan to date is getting lower and shorter. I must admit that I too am trapped into eating unhealthy foods.

Yesterday while I was at home, a friend invited me to enroll in a nearby gym (Abs and Curves near AUF). Since I still have a lot of free time, I agreed to attend to it to stay fit and enhance my body resistance as well. We decided first to have a full body massage to relax our muscles and warm them up. Right after we had ourselves massaged, we went on to the gym and started the healthy play. Since it's my first time, I kind of felt odd and shy because I had no idea then on how to use some of the gym equipment. Thanks to the trainer because he monitored my session and taught me step by step on what to do.

The activity lasted for an hour and a half. My shirt was dripping with sweat and I was so exhausted that all I wanted then was to look for a bed and have a sweet sleep. I remember consuming about four bottles of water during the entire session. The gym trainer told me that normally, I would feel muscle pains in 2 to 3 days after which the next sessions will be easier and simple.