Chat Site Reliable Than Emulators

My Yahoo messenger, AIM or any other installed software in my pc won't work yesterday because of some annoying pc virus. My aunt kept on bugging me because she was online then and she wants to chat with my mom. I can't think of anything to use as an alternative to my messenger emulators. I tried searching for some chat hubs so we can just log in there and chat. With no further ado, and I think my aunt's on a rush then, she suggested to me to just register on interracial chat rooms since it's the fastest choice according to her. So I went over and had myself registered.

I have learned that it is the same as any usual discussion forums where you get to meet people around the world of different races. Me and my sister logged on to one of the chat section and I am impressed because messages load faster because it has less plug-ins installed on the site unlike the others who will prompt you to add different software to view all contents. So next time around, if all else fails, you can rely on this site to have a free chat with someone instantly.