I Need To Have Myself Massaged

It's been almost a month since I had my last full body massage and I think my body is starting to crave for another one. The last time we had a massage was in Body and Sole Spa and I think their service was great and also I enjoyed the place because it's clean and very relaxing. My only comment about them is that there are no locker rooms to safe keep your belongings. So the whole time, I found myself checking my bag near the side table every now and then. I could have relaxed more if we were given lockers. But over all, considering the price to be cheap, I would definitely come back for their service.

Speaking of self-pampering and rewarding one's self with a relaxing treat, I have been hearing a lot of good testimonials from friends who tested West Palm Beach Salons. One of my best friends who is now living in Florida told me that every time she needs like her nails done, massage, reflexology, tanning and many others, she usually goes to KM Body Boutique and avail everything she needs to renew herself. She even brings her boyfriend to the salon because they also cater men's service needs.