InTheRooms: The Web's Number 1 Recovery Community

Due to the advent and popularity of social networking sites, anyone can find their place in the internet whether you seek for belongingness or companionship. One of which is InTheRooms[dot]com, a social online networking community that reaches people around the world who are in recovery, in need of emotional assistance or support. It currently has more than 40,000 members and still growing, sharing the same ground and understand each others by serving as strength to each and every one of them. Just like any other social media, members get to experience communicating with each other by sharing their experiences through messages, photos, videos or blogs.

At the moment, InTheRooms meetings consist of different section in which interested members can choose to join where they think they belong. From Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous and the latest which is Alcoholics anonymous, which currently is being worked on for development. It is the first recovery site that brings updates of meetings schedules in real time that is similar to the format followed by Wikipedia.

To date, it is the number one recovery community in the World Wide Web. You can check on the site to know more about InTheRooms and how it can help save confused souls.