Skinny Tie: The New Trend For Men

skinny tie, 2009 fashion for men, neck tie for men, neck tie this 2009, narrow tie, men's neck tie, Jonathan Rhys Myers, Zachary Quinto, spock of star trek, Justin Timberlake, Patrick DempseySkinny ties are now starting to take over the fashion world along with the slim fit pants and tops. We've seen them on Hollywood stars, fashion events and now everyone's getting an eye on skinnies more than the standard sized or t-bone style. I have a lot of old standard-sized collections and now you will find them stuck in my closet because I recently started investing on narrow ties.

Whether you like it formal, casual, modern or trendy, you can accessorize your look by wearing the right choice of skinny tie that will match the overall attire. Wear it on with a nice choice of top that will fully flaunt your tie. Always remember that the size of what you wear will accentuate the slimness of the tie.