Twilight Craze Intensifies As The New Moon Trailer Premiers

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After the big success in the big screen of the best-selling novel Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, comes its much awaited sequel New Moon which will strike the cinemas starting 20th of November. The trailer debuted at the recent MTV Movie Awards where Twilight took home 5 trophies part of which is the best movie award.

In New Moon, a much intense love triangle will revolve around Edward, Bella and Jacob. Bella and Jacob started becoming closer when the Cullens left Forks due to an incident during Bella's 18th birthday celebration which resulted to a minor cut and a blood shed that made the vampire family tempted because of the inviting scent of blood. In turn, they just decided to leave the town for both Bella and Edward's sake.

Take a look at the trailer for you to find out what the million fans are getting crazy about. I'm excited to see the movie too!