Why Women Love Shoes So Much

Just today while I was in my room and watching a local television show from a home and lifestyle channel, the hosts were discussing a topic on why girls love shoes so much. At first, I thought of it as a non-sense discussion so I changed channel. But then, I got so bothered and I kept on figuring out on what really is the reason behind girls getting crazy over shoes. I can't help it so I switched back to that channel to get myself educated.

One of the guests explained that there is no mysterious theory or deep speculations about it. It's simply because unlike men, women's shoe sizes remain constant or at least just an infinitesimal change all throughout their lives. She made it clear that no matter how a woman gains weight, her shoe size remains the same. Hmm, I didn't know that, not until then, and it really makes sense.

My sister is a living proof to this. Only yesterday, she bought one of the Steve Madden flats collection and I think she looks gorgeous wearing them. Aside from that, she also has some of the popular Chloe shoes and Bernardo shoes from Jildor, an online store that sells a wide assortments of shoes that she and her friends are dying to collect. Now I understand my sister and all the other girls on why they invest a lot in collecting shoes.