Barack Obama Spotting on a Teenage Girl's Behind

Barack Obama staring at Mayora Tavares butt, US President, Barack Obama looking at butt cheeks, Brazil G8 delegate, White houseWhile searching for some latest celebrity news today at an entertainment website, this picture of US President Barack Obama caught my attention. And I guess everyone who happens to browse this page would undeniably take time to read and find out more about this. As you see on the photo, a lucky paparazzo just got his very perfect shot one sunny day when he caught on camera President Obama seemed like staring at a girl's behind. Well, it's for you to judge or how you would interpret this.

By the way, the girl is Mayora Tavares, a 16 year old junior G8 delegate from Brazil. This doesn't really look disgusting or disturbing for me contrary to what the author of the article expressed. I just see this photo as one of the "bloopers" the president has to deal with everyday as he is surrounded by paparazzi and spy cams. Be more careful next time Mr. President. Everyone has different interpretations, that sometimes, a simple gesture for you may mean malicious to others. I just hope Mrs. Obama won't violently react on this.