Disturbing Moans I Hear Each Night

pets, cats, mating of cats, disturbing sounds of cats
Cats are cuddly and ideal pets at home. But when they start disturbing you and annoy you in other ways, it's just no good to have one. One particular experience I encountered was last night. We have been adopting slum cats and I think we have about 10 of them and still growing in number. They found our compound as a perfect home because they always get food from us. Since the time we had them, disgusting rats and mice that you see running all over our place just all went gone.

But every night is starting to become a nightmare and it is so hard to get a sound sleep. I always wake up in the middle of the night with all these cats playing on top of the roof making these very disturbing sounds. I learned that this kind of sound that they create is a manifestation that they are mating or love making. OMG. They're getting many day by day. I love pets but I love to sleep too. And now I’m caught in the middle. LOL.