President Gloria Arroyo's Breast Implant Rumor

I was watching the local news today and I happen to see this reported rumor about Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo having had a breast implant surgery. A journalist first sparked the issue when he wrote to his column that the one-day mandatory quarantine submission of the president yesterday after her trip out of the country was a pure alibi. Instead, she's been to the doctor to have a check up on her silicon breast implants done 20 years ago that according to him were giving problems to the president.

However, according to MalacaƱang's Press Secretary Cerge Remonde, this issue is totally ridiculous and should not be given media attention as it is non-sense. I agree. If it’s true, why would any body care in the first place? Secretary Gabriel Claudio also commented that he absolutely has no information regarding the issue and actually, he is not even aware that the president has breast implants.

Let's just leave Mrs. Arroyo with that issue. Plus the fact that this is a private topic that has nothing to do with the administration. Whether it is only a pure self-quarantine that she did or she got involved in any breast check up, it is the president's right as a human being to look good, prioritize health and keep private things private.