Real-time Blogging While Malling

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I remember when I was a kid, my mom used to take me to the mall with her and shop. You know, kids are kids, and when I get bored I would start doing crazy things to annoy my mom just for her to take me home. But that was too "old school" today.

Going to the mall is no longer just a "do shop" thing for mall goers. How I wish I was never born too earlier because of the advent of technology today, I can quickly share my wonderful shopping experience anywhere I am inside SM city pampanga. SM taps into free wi-fi access for its customers to bridge the digital divide and allow a convenient way to stay connected while away from the office or home.

You can do almost anything in the mall. I am actually in SM City Pampanga today while I am writing this blog. SM just recently launched a mall wide free internet access. SM malls really are pioneers when it comes to innovations and customer satisfaction.