Willie Revillame Receives 2 Million from Anonymous

While having lunch today my mom called me up to rush in front of the TV and watch Wowowee (a local noontime show in the Philippines). I was like, "OK", because I was really not interested. Willie Revillame, the famous host of the show, revealed that he received a gift yesterday from someone who requested for anonymity. At first I was just thinking that it's only personal stuffs for Willie like clothes and chocolates as most TFC subscribers give him on the show. But surprisingly shocking, when he opened the box, 3 brown envelopes with cold cash left me, my mom and the audience flabbergasted and jaw-dropped. The first two envelopes contain 750,000 pesos each and 500,000 pesos from the third envelope with a whopping 2 million total. Is this serious? Someone would give away 2 million cash?

Mr. Revillame had a short segment of talk regarding the cash he received. According to the host, he doesn't need cash but many does. The 2M cash will help a lot, the host added. With no second thought, Willie announced the he will give all the cash away to some deserving people. 500,000 to Bantay Bata, 500,000 to the ULTRA stampede victims and 500,000 to OFWs having a hard time going back home. He will also send 150,000 to the Arciaga conjoined twins who were born critical just this month. The remaining money will be allotted to worthy contestants on his show. Such noble acts.

It's really good to know that there are still many good souls out there who are willing to help the unfortunate and the poor. To Mr. Anonymous who gave the cash, keep it up and continue helping others. I'm sure God reserves a very wonderful gift for you. May you bring inspiration to others.