About JAYtography

JAYtography is a blog about the beautiful destinations in the Philippines and abroad. Come join me as I explore the world!

Travel and Photography is where my heart is. I wanna go to places and take photos; I wanna meet strangers and get a digital souvenir of their smiles. Life is a like a movie timeline except that there are no cuts, rewinds or re-takes - all but pure live action. So what I do is I bookmark and take a snapshot of my favorite movie scenes in life through photography and writing. - Jaypee

Hey, welcome to my blog! My name is Jaypee David, a registered Electronics Engineer from Angeles city, Philippines - the creator and sole author of this blog website. Now I dedicate myself full time to digital, social media, and traveling. I have the passion for traveling & photography and I literally write and capture everything and anything I encounter in my journeys and trips.

I discovered my passion for traveling when I started to engage in photography back in 2010. As a newbie in composing photos, I make sure that I practice a lot and venture into different kinds of subjects and perspectives, thus I travel whenever I can.

My blog serves more like my online diary since I want the world to see my life as an open book, and to inspire people in my own little ways.

Feel free to read my blog and share with your friends. If you have any questions, buzz me up on Instagram. Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you will find me: @enjayneer.

See you around!

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