Bianca Manalo's Awful National Gown in Miss Universe 2009

Miss Universe 2009, Philippines, Bahamas, Bianca Pamela Manalo, Disgusting, Awful, Ugly, Pangit, Gown, National Costume, Filipiniana Costume, Saya GownWhat the h*ll do you call this dress? Sad to say, it's the gown showcased in the national costume competition by our Ms. Philippines representative Pamela Bianca Manalo in the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant being held in the island of Bahamas right this very moment.

I am not an expert when it comes to clothing designs but look at this piece, don't you think it's a disaster? I mean, fair enough, the top looks good but the colorful bottom part of the gown just doesn't seem to match the overall design. It's as if Bianca is modeling for a yarn company. It's disastrous, it's messy and very disappointing. I heard it was made by a Colombian designer, the same designer who created the Miss Universe national dresses in the previous years. I don't wanna think of sabotage here.

Beyond any doubt, a lot of fashion critics will surely have their say on this, too. And I just hope that Bianca Manalo would do well and excel on other categories of the pageant and at least win other major awards.