Donate by Spreading the Word


Many of us have probably encountered a lot of websites that are doing charitable works by helping other people especially the unfortunate. In relation to this, there is one website that I would like to share. is free a search engine for travel sites, tourist spots, destinations and hotel accommodations all over the world.

Hotels Combined allows their supporters to make donations to their organization of their choice in three easy options. They have this project called Spread The Word For Charity. According to them, as what is stated on the site, if you think you have been satisfied on their service, you get the chance to participate and be part of their charitable works. There are three easy ways on how to join. First is by blogging. If you promote the site on your blog, Hotels Combined will send $20 to your choice of charity. Second is by becoming a fan on their Facebook page, just don't forget to leave a comment stating the organization you wish to benefit and $5 will be sent right away. Lastly, they will send $10 for your charity simply by tweeting (Twitter) about Hotels Combined.

Doing it is so easy but it will surely bring a big impact on others as your simple donation would mean a lot to them. Check on the link now to know more about this project.