Finding the Best Web Host for Your Platform

As most others say, Wordpress is the best blogging platform but due to the simplicity of its construction and interface, Blogger has also become the crowd's favorite. I personally have blogs in Blogger and Wordpress platforms and I can say that both have their good and bad shots. On Blogger, it's just as simple as writing, publishing, editing and browsing however, on Wordpress, you got to have the right web host in order for you to customize the code of the blog.

While doing some research about what others think about these two popular platforms, I have come across different web hosting providers that will give you the best choices of web host that will perfectly suit your needs and requirements. One site I found is webhostingrating[dot]com and what I like about the site is that it offers ratings and summaries of the top 10 hosts. And particularly on their page, there is this top ten wordpress web hosting. You will not get confused in choosing the right one as they are categorized according to price, space, traffic and they even offer reviews to better enlighten their customers. In fact, there are available articles you can read that will give you tips and advice to better choose one.