Devil's Own Luck - Texting While Driving Tragedy

"Every driver should see this, especially teenagers. It is very graphic and is recommended for 18 and older but if they wait till 18 to see it, they may not reach 18. Parents: Watch this by yourself first then with your kids. Explain to them that if they have to phone or text, pull over and stop in a SAFE location first, then use the phone."
The video serves as a lesson for all of us. We have to always put in mind that life is precious yet vulnerable. We should not live life for granted because once taken away, we can never have it back.

On a deeper and general perspective, the moral of the story tells us that we should always be aware of our actions. Sometimes, we do things without even thinking how it will affect ourselves or the people around us which in turn, result into consequences that we really regret or worse, cases that can't be undone.