Tornado Devastates Bulacan - August 16, 2009

I felt really fortunate and blessed, at the same time sad and bothered when I learned from a local news that a huge tornado hit Bulacan particularly the cities of Balagtas and Guiguinto at around 2 in the afternoon today. It was reported that a lot of houses were affected with more than a million peso in casualty. As what I have seen in the news, the tornado really was powerful as it was able to knock down a lot of establishments and electric posts.

It gave me chills as I watch the news because Bulacan is just a neighbor province of Pampanga which is where I live. According to experts, we may experience a number of these tornadoes in our country because of the frequent change in temperature making the cumulo-nimbus clouds (a.k.a. thunderstorm clouds) to develop fast thus creating a funnel-like wind formation.

It is quite disturbing that such powerful tornadoes develop in our country and it's starting to give me that insane worry. Let's just pray for our safety.

Bulacan, Tornado, Huge, ipo ipo, buhawi, guiguinto, balagtas, august 16 2009
Photo credit to Raffy Tima