Waste Management: Getting Rid of a Social Cancer

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Solid waste is one of the major concerns in the country today and actually, even years way back. Chemicals and gases filling the atmosphere contribute a lot in the climate change resulting to the unusual behavior of Mother Nature. The growing consumption of plastics and toxic waste cast a big threat to our environment – our home. To date, Manila alone produces an approximate of 8000 tons of solid waste daily coming from households and business establishments. That's a lot of cubic meters of space being polluted and populated by dirt everyday.

In fact, our government spends billions of pesos each year just for garbage disposal which includes unclogging of pipes and sewerages from plastic wastes. The money could have been used in education, health and feeding programs.

As simple individuals, we can contribute a lot with these issues of waste in our nation. We can start from ourselves by disposing waste properly – do not litter. We have been taught with these when we were in the early school. We were even trained to segregate. Remember the bio-degradable and non-bio degradable?

I hope, as responsible citizens, we should realize that our country is not just a place where we live, rather, a big family in a big home where everyone and everything in it greatly affects who we become and who we bring into existence. So please, take good care of it.