Are You Gonna Finish Strong? - Inspiration from Nick Vujicic

A very inspiring video about a lesson from a special man named Nick Vujicic. Nick, who has no limbs AT ALL, shares about a touching lesson in life - that we should never give up on trials. Most of us when faced with problems would normally think that it's very impossible to solve, tendency is we give up. But this is not how we should deal with it. We may fail a hundred times trying to overcome an unfortunate situation or achieve a particular goal, but it is only in giving up that we actually fail. If you stumble and you quit, there's no way for you to get up.

Failures are part of our existence and we must look at it as another chance to try once more. One of the powerful thoughts in the video tells that it doesn't matter if you try over and over again. What's important is, how you are going to finish. You just got to have that faith and you will have the strength to get back up.

If you think you have problems and you are losing the heart to win the fight, just remember Nick - and you have four limbs; how about Stevie Wonder? - you have your eyes to see; If you are troubled finding money, think about the children in the slums begging for coins and food leftovers. Think about the sick and dying but still keep on fighting just to spend more time with their loved ones.

You think about it. Are you gonna finish strong?