Bathroom Talk

One of my favorite quarters at home is the bathroom and I literally spend hours inside during shower time. I am not really that vain type of guy but once I enter the bathroom, I make sure that I finish everything that needs to be done for myself before I get out. High class treatment and pampering myself I must say is just my one and only vice. I don't smoke, I don't get wasted when I drink and I don't gamble. It's just that I love to treat myself like a king as what celebrities do for themselves and I don't mind spending money for it.

Ever since, I have been fantasizing about designing my own bathroom and that includes choosing every single bathroom accessories and furniture, adding up my personal touch on the arrangement and design of its interior. I think I am from a soul of a frustrated interior designer who happens to be trapped in an engineer's body (laughs). Anyhow, speaking of bathroom designs and accessories, I have discovered a store over the Web that is solely dedicated to bathrooms and has these very amazing modern products that you can mix and match to create your very own design.

I go crazy every time I see beautiful house stuffs making me more excited to put up my own home. Indeed, a one great motivator that tells me to save more and work harder.