The Power of Consistency

Last week, I was watching this local TV series about a story where the two main characters portrays as lawyers who are falling in love with each other. But here is the twist: by coincidence, they got involved in the same case, however defending the two sides of the party- one fighting for the defendant and the other for the accused. I kind of realized how difficult it would be for them to handle such case because they will be professionally battling against each other to defend their clients. I wonder how they would deal with each other as normal persons when not in the court room.

Speaking of lawyers and attorneys in the United States, I have known for quite a while Feldman Shepherd law firm that is famous because of their lawyers with astounding expertise and skills in winning cases. The firm itself caters and specializes into all types of areas and scenario from the common to the unusual.

At one point in my life, I also dreamt of becoming a lawyer and in fact, I even got engaged into some debate contests in school. I have high regards to lawyers and I consider them as intellectual individuals. Being a lawyer is really a challenge because you need to have that instant reasoning and ability to defend what you are fighting for.