RecoveryDate - Internet Dating with a Twist


Drug and alcohol addiction has always been a problem to every nation - in the past and until now. People of any age and gender; everyone is at risk if not properly guided and monitored. In our kind of society today where a lot of people find themselves running into the wrong track, still, there are a considerable number of them who were strong enough to make U-turns and choose to recover.

I have high regards to people who are courageous to admit that they have done wrong and they are willing to undergo recovery and rehabilitation. It’s the same reason why RecoveryDate was established - to create an assemblage of the recovery community. It is an online dating site that aims to help members of the recovery group develop the sense of belongingness and make them realize that no matter what they have done in the past, they are still welcome in our community.

The dating site allows members to mingle and communicate with each other, developing camaraderie and unity amongst themselves. It is not just a dating hub where one gets to meet one, but it is an environment where a once lost soul finds true companionship and long term change for the better.