Dream Kitchen Makeover You've Always Wanted

Dr. Oetker, Kitchen Makeover contestIf there's any place in the home where me and my mom love to stay- it is the kitchen. I don't cook nor do I do not help in preparing food. It's just that I love watching someone cook and of course, I love to eat. You would always see mom in the kitchen if not cooking, fixing her cook wares. I think giving our kitchen a little make over would mean a lot to her. I just hope I’ll have all the money to spend for that.

For Canadians however, having a free make over for your kitchen is as easy as joining the contest and winning it. Dr. Oetker Kitchen Makeover Contest is a worth $20,000 make over that will surely give your kitchen the best look ever. All you need to do to join is to pick up a PIN from specially marked products of Casa di Mama Pizza. Aside from the kitchen makeover grand prize, there will be eight more consolation prize winners of Whirlpool appliances and 2,000 others who will win a Casa di Mama Pizza or a pizza cutter.

And by the way, sign up also as Savoury Moments member and get a bonus PIN for the contest. Join now and give your kitchen a new look! Contest runs until January 4, 2010.