Eye-Fi - The First Wireless Memory Card

Sharing of photos and videos through the internet is so simple today. Now, with the use of a memory card from your camera or cell phone, you can instantly transfer pictures from the gadget to your PC with the help, of course of a connectivity device such as a card reader or a USB cable.

But what if you don't have a card reader or a cable with you to establish the physical connection? Tell you what; there's an easier way on how to transfer and share files to your PC or to the Web without having to use a USB cable or card reader.

Eyei-Fi is the first memory card of its kind to have a wireless feature. It looks just like an ordinary multi media card however, it has an integrated Wi-Fi feature that lets you do wireless transfers using a wireless network. Eye-Fi will let you Learn how to make your camera wireless without the need of technical know how.

The great feature that I like is its very quick uploading facility whether transferring them to a PC or uploading them to your favorite sharing network. In fact, it is capable of storing 32 networks that you can choose when you transfer files.