Let's Talk About Antiques and Gongs

Antiques have this very special kind of aura that makes people fantasize them especially enthusiasts and some even spend big amount of money just for them to have something to add to their collections. The more the antique item gets older, the more expensive it becomes. We have some of the old art collections and artifacts in our school's museum and most of them are claimed to have existed somewhere between the 15th and 16th century.

Examples are gongs that have been used as a mode of communication during the ancient times and were regarded as symbols of royalty, power and religion. I have an example here of Nepali gongs for sale that come in different sizes and finish. These instruments also play a big role in Buddhism as they are still being used up to now in their temples to signify the start and end of a worship gathering.

Looking at these gongs made me feel as if history is flashed back on me. My imagination just took me to the ancient time. Today, we still use gongs in modern living like in music and calisthenics. Things on earth never get extinct; it just metamorphoses into an improved or modified same old thing just to adapt natural changes. That is what we call evolution.