Livedrive's Unlimited Online Storage

Computer data and file sizes are not getting any smaller nowadays - from Megabytes to Gigabytes, and now Terabytes. Every device today is incorporated with bits and bytes. And the good side about the advancement in Information Technology is that everything can be carried with you wherever you may go. And if not literally physical, you can have an access of them, virtually.

Being a mobile person and an Internet savvy, I need to have access with all my files from my computer. My computer is my life. And for some practical reasons, sometimes it is just no good to bring an external hard drive or USB flash drive with me.

Good thing I learned about Livedrive Online Storage. I totally fell in love with it the first time I heard about it and its features. It is without a doubt the right partner for me in doing my virtual stuff. Livedrive is like my virtual external hard drive that lets me access all my important files anywhere. With its unlimited memory capacity, I can instantly back up my files like music, photos and other important documents. It also has a cool feature that allows one click sharing of files to anyone that can be easily integrated with Facebook and Flickr. Thumbs up for this tool!