Technological Innovations for the Elderly

I am so impressed with what Technology brings today. There have been a lot of inventions that make life easier for people. And I will no longer be surprised if one day, everything will be automated and machine operated. That all we have to do is to press a button and all will be done for us. I wonder what will be like in the next 50 years or more. Things like flying cars and sky ways popped into my imagination.

One of the inventions that amaze me also is the personal medical assistant intended for the elderly. Gadgets and services that help our old loved ones to do things easier without them exceeding extra efforts plus an added protection.

An example of these aids to the elderly is the Medical Alert offered by Brickhouse. It is a wearing device that has a special fall detection feature. And along with this is a 24 hour customer service that will be alerted and will be instantly connected for a live assistance.

This is a remarkable product as it keeps an added security to our "over 50" citizens at the same time giving them the peace of mind and confidence to do things independently with minimal supervision from their family members.